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State v. Manning CA2017-08-113The trial court did not err in imposing fines because appellant failed to file an affidavit of indigency before the trial court's judgment entry of sentence was filed. Appellant's counsel was not ineffective for failure to file an affidavit of indigency where there is no indication that the trial court would have granted the motion to waive the mandatory fees. The trial court did not err in imposing court costs in the judgment entry of sentence without first addressing the costs at the sentencing hearing because appellant can move for waiver of courts costs at any time per the recent amendment to R.C. 2947.23(C).PiperButler 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3334
State v. Lynn CA2017-08-129, CA2017-08-132The trial court did not err by denying appellant's motion to suppress alleging law enforcement officer did not have probable cause to conduct a warrantless search of a vehicle's trunk where a warrantless search of the vehicle's passenger compartment led to the discovery of marijuana and ecstasy located in the vehicle's glove compartment.S. PowellButler 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3335
State v. Troy CA2018-01-008Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3336
State v. Holder CA2018-02-006Trial court did not err by denying appellant's motion to terminate court costs, as the waiver of said costs are a matter of discretion with the trial court and appellant showed no change in financial circumstances from the time of his recent sentencing hearing.RinglandMadison 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3337
State v. Brown CA2017-09-010Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying petition for postconviction relief where petitioner's claims were barred by the doctrine of res judicata.M. PowellPreble 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3338
State v. Kremer CA2017-07-115, CA2017-07-116This matter is remanded in part based on ineffective assistance of counsel on one count, and also for findings as to whether possession and trafficking charges constitute allied offenses of similar import.RinglandWarren 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3339
State v. Flucas CA2017-09-139Inmate appeals his conviction for harassment by bodily substance. Inmate spat upon a corrections officer. The inmate's multiple confessions to the offense were admissible and did not violate the corpus delicti rule. Inmate's conviction was supported by sufficient evidence and the greater weight of the evidence where the state presented overwhelming evidence of guilt.PiperWarren 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3340
In re D.E. CA2018-03-035, CA2018-04-038The juvenile court's decision granting permanent custody of a child to a children services agency, thereby denying appellants motions for legal custody of the child, was supported by sufficient evidence and otherwise not against the manifest weight of the evidence where the juvenile court's decision to grant permanent custody to the children services agency was in the child's best interest.S. PowellButler 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 2018-Ohio-3341
HSBC Bank U.S.A v. Faulkner CA2017-10-153The trial court did not err by granting appellee's motion for summary judgment where appellee satisfied its initial burden requiring it to provide evidence indicating it was entitled to judgment as a matter of law, to which appellants failed to file a timely response in opposition indicating there was any issue of material fact yet remaining for the trial court to resolve.S. PowellButler 8/13/2018 8/13/2018 2018-Ohio-3221
State v. Harris CA2017-11-161Appellant's guilty plea was voluntary, knowing, and intelligent where the trial court delivered a valid colloquy according to Crim.R. 11, and where appellant reasoned that accepting the plea in order to avoid death penalty specifications was in his best interest.PiperButler 8/13/2018 8/13/2018 2018-Ohio-3222